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The dark energy that infects Magnus McLeod's soul draws him to an Arizona town in crisis—and a woman with a dangerous ability of her own. Erica Evrard isn't afraid of much, but suddenly she has much to fear. Like Magnus, whose noble heart brings her to life even as his Darkness could kill her. And the group of supernatural humans whose evil plans threaten the lives of an eThe dark energy that infects Magnus McLeod's soul draws him to an Arizona town in crisis—and a woman with a dangerous ability of her own. Erica Evrard isn't afraid of much, but suddenly she has much to fear. Like Magnus, whose noble heart brings her to life even as his Darkness could kill her. And the group of supernatural humans whose evil plans threaten the lives of an entire town....

Title : the end of darkness
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the end of darkness Reviews

  • Shiran
    2019-02-03 20:00

    Longtime fans of Rush’s Offspring series will be pleased to learn that Rush is self-publishing the thrilling conclusion to her suspenseful series that featured intriguing elements of the paranormal and extraterrestrial. This finale addresses not only the romantic relationship of Magnus McLeod, but also Pope, the mysterious alien featured throughout the series. Kudos to Rush for creating and delivering an exceptional romantic suspense series! - Jill M. Smith, RT BookreviewsSo it's official, The End of Darkness is the final book in The Offspring series. Personally I think I would have been ok if the series ended after Beyond the Darkness. Honestly I feel like the story went off on a different tangent after that, but hey, I'm always keen for more in a great series. This book picks up right where Darkness Becomes Her ends, quite literally, I felt like I missed something at the beginning of this book. I had to go back and read my review of Darkness Becomes Her to remember what the hell was going on but once I did, it all came back to me and I got pulled back into the world of Darkness and Offspring's. I actually thoroughly enjoyed this book, which is great as Darkness Becomes Her turned out to be a bit disappointing. Magnus is a great character. I feel in love with him and enjoyed his good nature and sexy presence. He really was a fun character to read about. Erica was a great kick-ass heroine, she has a power she knows nothing about, that terrifies her, and yet she still uses it for good and sacrifices herself for others. I also found her background to be so brilliant! I really didn't expect the twist in her identity and (view spoiler)[the fact that Jerryl was actually even more disgusting than we ever knew. I would have loved see more of Fonda's reaction to finding out what a disgusting psychopath he really was though (hide spoiler)]. It was a bit sad not to see much of the other characters in the series, but it was great to read Pope's story.The reason I didn't give this book the full 5 stars was because I felt like the ending was a bit rushed. We spend a good portion of the book getting to know the characters and finding out how they all got where they were and then the big climax of the book and the conclusion were jammed into 2 chapters at the end. Plus the book started rather abruptly. I know it was following on from the previous one but to be honest I didn't remember that book too well and when I started I was really confused. But having said all of that, I really did enjoy this book and I can't wait to see what Rush comes up with next.

  • Joyfully Reviewed
    2019-02-16 22:08

    Erica Evard has always been different but now she knows what she is supposed to do. She plans to hunt down every evil person and make them pay. She feels the evil growing and understands that her lifespan might be cut short by her need to seek justice. When she meets Magnus McLeod, she can feel the darkness within him but there is also something about him that draws her near.Magnus has run from his family out of fear. The darkness hiding inside him could come out and hurt those he loves. When he meets Erica he is drawn to her immediately. He wants her passionately and is determined to get her then protect her, but she doesn’t need him as much as he thinks. As the danger starts hunting them they must rely on each to survive the darkness.The End of Darkness is an exciting end to a wonderful series. I love Jaime Rush’s Offspring series it’s full of great characters, sexual chemistry and intense suspense. Erica and Magnus both have dark issues they are dealing with so it is only fitting that these two bring down a big baddie. I love Magnus, always have, and Erica is the perfect woman for him. She is tough and sensitive. Erica can stand with her man and up to him as well. It was also great to watch Copeland find love too. His character has always been interesting and I wanted him to find some loving as well. The interaction between him and Lanna is lustful and funny. They share some really great scenes. I hope to see all of these characters resurface someday. The End of Darkness is fast-paced, emotional and hot!Reviewed by Miranda for Joyfully Reviewed

  • Samantha Hopkins
    2019-02-13 19:15

    I've loved the Offspring series but felt this last book took awhile to get into and the ending rushed - or it could be, I don't want this series to end?!! It starts on following Darkness Becomes Her, so I suggest you read that book before starting this one. I'm lucky, I started from the beginning and have watched the characters grow. Magnus awakens from a comatose state with a darkness in him. He learns of what he feels is deception from his brother, so is given the choice to stay out of town at friends place to learn to control said darkness. Erica is a small novelist on the hunt for her next killer with a psychic skill of her own. She picks Magnus up in a bar, tries the one-nighter & determines he is the killer & decides to follow him. Magnus is drawn to an area which has darkness leaking through, decides to venture out (with Erica on his tail) and they are both kidnapped by Callorians.Suza (who we meet in Petra/Cheveyo offspring book) is meeting up with a depressed friend who's town is overrun with earthquakes, tremors and anger. Suza is able to read emotions & after witnessing an incident calls in Pope to help. All four are embattled with the same fight emotionally and physically with the Callorians. And without writing much more, I will still recommend you read it if you're a fan off the Offspring series or just someone who loves the psychic paranormal novels. If you are new to this series though, start on the first book: A Perfect Darkness!

  • AnnaBanana
    2019-01-31 18:16

    As a long time fan of this series, this book has been a long time coming! I've been waiting for what feels like forever to know what happens with the sexy Scottish twins and now that I know it's both sad and exciting! And as far as endings go, this was a pretty good one! I am so going to miss these characters and I really really hope we get to hear more from Jaime's spin-off group of characters in the future. A girl can wish right!As usual I love these characters and the storyline is equally fantastic but I recommend reading the previous books before starting this one! Jaime really did a great job with wrapping everything up in this book. Magnus finally gets his happily ever after and I think Erica is the perfect match for him! Pope also gets his happily ever after, who I think deserved it more than any of them! It was also exciting getting little glimpses of characters from the other books, like Cheveyo, my personal series favorite, and hearing news of Amy and Lucas! Great news i might add!!!All in all I am very happy with this book! Jaime always delivers a great story with plenty of action to keep you interested, but she also throws in humor and some pretty steamy love scenes ;) As I said before I am so going to miss these characters but I look forward to anything this author writes because she's just that great! Definitely one of my auto-buy authors!!!

  • Kelli C ~ Jack Sawyer's Heart
    2019-02-05 21:52

    Somewhere between the 3.5 and 4* mark...So I have been a huge fan of this Offspring series and I pretty sad at its conclusion. It seems like so much more could become of this group, but I know it had to end. That being said, I was a bit disappointed by Magnus's story. I know it was the final story with the final character, but it just seemed fairly rushed and abrupt. After waking from his coma, now infused with the Darkness, he goes to Arizona to learn to control himself. He basically gives up Jessie with no fight and then there is no real insight into his deal with the Darkness. He is now drumming in a band and meets Erika at a bar. She is a hybrid as well and is looking for a killer, but ends up in a hotel with Magnus...not too much chemistry if I dare say. These two end up with "bad guys" and finally start to connect. By time they come together it seems like it is over and it is fairly anti-climatic as well.I was hoping for maybe an epic battle...a return of all the characters...a true Offspring reunion and triumph, but that didn't happen. Instead as the final book it just seemed to end with "ok, Darkness gone, we will be live another day." Oh well, I am glad the previous Offspring books were so good, I just wish Magnus would have got a better send off!

  • Mel
    2019-02-06 18:57

    Have you ever had a book in your possession that you really wanted to read but were hesitant because it's the last in a series? That's how I felt going into The End of Darkness, the seventh and final book in Jaime Rush's highly imaginative Offspring series. I knew the book would be bittersweet and because it has been a series I've been following the last few years, I just wasn't ready to say goodbye. The End off Darkness was everything I needed to complete the Offspring series. It was action packed, intense, passionate and included a subplot involving my favorite emotionally challenged Callorian. Yes the ending was bittersweet; it made me cry but it was a good cry. I still wasn't ready to say goodbye to a group of fictional characters I've felt so connected to but I'm so thrilled that Jaime took time out of her incredibly busy schedule to give this series the ending it deserved. *ARC PROVIDED BY AUTHOR FOR HONEST REVIEW*

  • Darcy
    2019-02-07 19:04

    I thought this one wrapped things up in a great way for the series, and honestly it was time to end. I really liked the start of the series, but towards the middle things got weird for me, with aliens. It was nice to see that our Offspring were able to overcome the aliens and become safe. I did like the romance between Pope and Suza, while the one between Magnus and Erika was lukewarm.

  • Amanda
    2019-02-22 22:14

    I thought this fell a bit short for the end of the series... What happened to the people in Vegas? Also, some kind of epilogue about "what happens a few months into the future" would have been nice. It finished the story arc, but definitely left unanswered questions & felt incomplete overall.

  • Serena
    2019-02-17 00:49

    Wonderful wonderful!! Made up for the Clift hanger in the last book. The was an amazing series ever single book was wonderful. I missed one novela so I get to look forward to reading it soon.

  • Tammy
    2019-02-01 18:06

    It's actually about 3.5 on my scale but felt I needed to round up rather than down R/T sentimental feelings about the Offspring as a whole.

  • Lori
    2019-02-19 19:59

    Loved it but I'm not surprised. The entire series was addictive. What a nice end but looking forward to what's next from jaime. Thanks for a wonderful journey.