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HE WAS THE ONLY MACKADE WHO MOVED SLOW Sheriff Devin MacKade had always had his eye on Cassie Connor Dolin. Twelve years of trying to watch over her and her children. Twelve years of being the dependable friend, of seeing his beauty married to a beast. Twelve years of hell. Now that was going to change, though he knew he’d have to be careful, move slow. But if Cassie cameHE WAS THE ONLY MACKADE WHO MOVED SLOW Sheriff Devin MacKade had always had his eye on Cassie Connor Dolin. Twelve years of trying to watch over her and her children. Twelve years of being the dependable friend, of seeing his beauty married to a beast. Twelve years of hell. Now that was going to change, though he knew he’d have to be careful, move slow. But if Cassie came any closer, he might just toss her over his shoulder and carry her off! And he wasn’t sure either of them was quite ready for that yet. But soon......

Title : the heart of devin mackade
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the heart of devin mackade Reviews

  • Cyndi
    2019-01-29 01:11

    I loved this story!!! It's the most violent in the series which makes it the most exciting. I think the two little boys stole the show in this book and the one before it. Excellent!!!

  • Cristina
    2019-02-11 00:37

    Yes! I knew it! Since I read the first book, I knew Devin would end up with Cassie. The third book in the series was different. I was getting used to women with a strong temper, but Cassie was like a sensitive butterfly. Until the end. It's impressive how love can change a person's attitude. I hated Constance! Damn it. How can a woman be so stupid?! Or better said, how can a mother be so selfish and blind? Connor... poor boy. I totally understood his confusion and actions. He had a hard childhood and he acted like it. But everything is fine when the story has a happy ending right?

  • Ann Keller
    2019-01-24 20:24

    Lovely Cassie Connor married the man she thought was the image of her dreams, but Joe was quick to anger and abusive. Cassie endured years of brutal beatings, hiding the truth and the bruises from her friend, Sheriff Devin MacKade and from all of the townspeople, too. However, when Joe took his anger out on their two kids, it was over. Joe was locked away in prison and Cassie mercifully granted a divorce.So, Cassie and her kids started over, but their emotional scars took a long time to heal. Now that Cassie was single again, Devin wanted to let Cassie know how he felt about her, but she was still a little gun shy about any kind of relationship. Slowly, Devin started to wear her down. With patience, love and understanding, Cassie caught a glimpse of what life with Devin would be like.Meanwhile, Joe was doing his best to be a model prisoner. His good behavior got him assigned to a prisoner road detail working just outside of Antietam. There, he bided his time, waiting for the moment when he could escape and go back to teach Cassie the lesson he thought she deserved.Spousal and child abuse are tough subjects and I applaud Nora Roberts for handling these problems in the form of an inspiring and uplifting story. This is a testament to the strength and power of an enduring love, the kind that lasts for a lifetime.

  • Mafi
    2019-01-25 21:30

    Soube muito bem ler este livrinho. Previsivel mas delicioso!

  • Chitra *CJ*
    2019-02-05 00:30

    I've loved you for over twelve years, Cassandra. I loved you when you were married to another man, when you had his children. I loved you when I couldn't do anything to help you out of that hell you were living in. I love you now. What a beautiful story.Devin McKade has loved Cassie since the moment he saw her; when he was 21 and she was 17. However, to escape her family, she marries Joe.For years Devin painfully sees the love of his life being tortured and suffering silently. Having another man's kids. But never complaining.As we've seen in the previous books, after years of abuse- Cassie decides to speak against her asshole of a husband and gets him to jail.In this book, its been two years since then. She's start living again, earning managing Rafe and Regan's inn, healing, and standing up against a tyrant conservative mother. Connor and Emily have started speaking and behaving like kids not under the shadow of fear.It's at this time that Devin finally decides to make his move- and it makes up for a tender love story. They make each other experience many firsts in poignant bits. Joe, the piece of shit husband is granted parole too- and that adds (not necessarily needed) spice to the book.However Im happy that he showed up as justice was served and I'd have loved to pound him into minced meat.The ghosts/haunted house added a lot to the story.I love crazy in love OTT heroes. The yearning was heartfelt and he totally reminded me of one of my top favs, Kev Merripen. He was devoted to Cassie.On the other hand it was wonderful to see Cassie emerge from the shadows of her tragic past, and find true love.Beautiful to see the family healing. Good dose of angst and feels.Unsafe by definition4.5/5

  • valee
    2019-02-14 01:27

    Sigh ***What will I do once I finish this series?Only one more book, *sniff. I just don't want it to end, I'm having such a great time with it.Again I wasn't disappointed by this series. This book was everything I wanted it to be. I had been wanting to read about Devin and Cassie since I started this series, so you guys can imagine I was exhilarated once I got my hands on this book. Devin MacKade is the town's Sheriff, former bad boy who nobody ever thought would make something important of his life. Nobody gave a penny for the MacKade brothers but they just prove everyone wrong. Then there's Cassie: divorced a year ago from an abusive husband and trying to make life better for her and her lovely children. Devin always had a crush on her, so once he believes Cassie is ready he makes his move. Will lovely and delicate Cassie give him a chance? This was a great story, it was fascinating to see how their relationship evolves sometimes little by little while others very fast. Seriously this story was great and the ending was just a piece of art, LOL, loved it! But most than anything I just love the way everybody gets along with everybody. We read about this amazing family and how they will do anything to help the other. The MacKade are just wonderful and definitely worth your time. And I still wanna highlight the fact that you will fall badly in love with every single character of this series because they are so very different from each other. You will never mix up one with the other because each is so unique. A must read series IMHO, short but meaningful stories that will give you a marvelous time. This series was definitely a surprise for me so I wanna share it with everybody, only please let me know if any of you gets to read it and your thought about it. I don't think I can pick a fav between the 3 books I read so far, I loved them all but they are all very different, which is what I adore the most about this series.

  • Jacob Proffitt
    2019-02-15 19:34

    I had high(er) hopes for this one than the others in the series—after all, Devin can't really afford to be a rage-monkey with Cassie what with her history of being in an abusive relationship. Unfortunately, not so much. Well, he's not really a rage-monkey and he's never abusive. But I expected . . . gentler from him than we get. The plotting is more or less what you'd expect and I'm glad to have a wrap up, finally, to the Joe Dolan plotline, but I just wanted more.

  • KatiD
    2019-02-01 23:07

    I picked up The Heart of Devin MacKade because I was interested to see his heroine, Cassie Dolin, who is introduced in the first book as a victim of domestic violence, get her HEA. Cassie married Joe Dolin young and stupidly. Joe is pretty much a good for nothing, who drinks too much, gets fired from even the most menial of jobs, and knocks his wife around for anything and everything. In the first MacKade book, The Return of Rafe MacKade, Cassie finally presses charges against Joe for battery and begins divorce precedings. In The Heart of Devin MacKade, it's a year later. Cassie is now the operator of Barlow House, the B&B that Rafe was renovating. She lives there with her two small children, Connor and Emma. She's been adored by all of the MacKade brothers all of her life. But Devin MacKade, the town sherriff has had a special place in his heart for her forever. But Devin doesn't want to make any moves that will scare Cassie. She's been victimized and treated horribly, and she's just getting her life together. But he's so in love with her he can't see straight, and she doesn't even know it. One day, after Devin does Cassie a favor, she reaches up and kisses him. Just a quick kiss, like one she'd give any of his brothers for helping her. But that kiss turns into something more, and now Cassie is seeing Devin in a new way, a romantic way. Is she ready to spread her wings and give love another chance?Oh man do I love this book! First, Devin just about my favorite hero type - the caregiver. He's strong and tough and patient as all get out. He's willing to wait and pine rather than rush this sweet damaged woman he adores into something that would scare her. So steadfastly, he visits, he helps her, he loves her children (and they love him) and soon, one impulsive kiss has her looking at him in a different way. Devin is just about all charm. He's thoughtful and kind, but has an impressive temper. His needs and wants battle constantly with his wish to do the right thing. And while his concious prevails, it's finally Cassie who pushes him to make a move. There's little I love more than romances where one character has been in love with another forever. And this story is so poignant and lovely. Nora doesn't rush Cassie into bouncing back immediately from the domestic violence she's experienced. She makes her grow slowly and tentatively. And watching her realize how lucky she is to have Devin is just a lovely, lovely way to spend an afternoon. Final grade: A

  • Caz Malpas
    2019-02-08 22:24

    3 -3.5 HEAVENLY DEVIN-LY STARS!Ok so this the third book in the series and this was 'the one' I'd been waiting for!Sheriff Devin MacKade has been in love with Cassie Dolan for twelve years and seen the abuse she has suffered at the hands of her husband. Now though, she is divorced, her husband is behind bars and he is ready to make his move. He knows he's got to tread carefully with her and her young children but it's time. But can Cassie overcome her fears and shame over her past and allow Devin into her family and her heart. Easy to listen to and i enjoyed it. Funny in parts with the paranormal story continuing.

  • Amber
    2019-02-08 21:31

    It was good, but not great. My biggest issue with the book was (view spoiler)[the bits of paranormal sprinkled in. This bugs me in books. (hide spoiler)] I am not inspired to try another Nora Roberts, unfortunately. The hero and heroine (and kiddos) were all a bit too perfect.

  • Paraphrodite
    2019-01-25 22:35

    The most steadfast and patient of the four MacKade brothers, I've been waiting for Devin & Cassie's story since the first book. The finale with the kids was very touching.

  • Rebekah
    2019-02-13 02:07

    The Heart of Devin MacKade, OR, Romantic Protagonist and Domestic Abuse & Rape Survivor Cassie Dolan Goes From One Frying Pan to Another, Sexier Frying Pan.I can't even call her a romantic heroine because I did not give two shits about her, she just happened to be one of the lead characters. It's great that you and Devin can finally bone after like 15 years of him creepily pining for you, but maybe you should spend some time examining what you want, what you really really want, and not just be like "oh this hot sheriff dude says he loves me and looks like he will be a good dad, sounds good."Also, Devin, when you say stuff like "I've waited 12 years, I can wait a few nights longer" and then a couple chapters later say "I've waited long enough" and write your resignation letter because you have to leave town because Cassie said she needed time to deal with what you dumped on her, you are being dumb and a jerk. BLERGH.

  • Amanda Sheila
    2019-02-20 01:16

    I'm officially in love with Nora Roberts. I think I'll soon add a shelf solely to her books, after I finished at least ten of them. So far, four! Haha. Anyway, why this book received five stars? Because Devin and Cassie's relationship is the one that elevate from one level to another through the whole series. I can read their innocent banter in Rafe's and the way Devin showed his affection in Jared's. That's why this book is very deep to me. I liked the way Nora Roberts put the words together in a simple yet heavy way. I loved how Connor starts trusting Devin and how his friendship with Bryan is getting stronger by day. I can see a future heroes in Con and Bry. :) Overall I enjoyed this book. Loved it, my favorite, five stars indeed. Can't wait to dig in Shane's love story! :)

  • Titinha Scaeiro
    2019-02-15 19:13

    o 4º livrinho para o desafio doce...Mais um livro que tinha lido em ebook manhoso e que não me lembrava de como a história era linda...Simplesmente amei este 3º livro, é difícil não amar o Devin e gostar muito Cassie... Adorei mesmo!!!E agora vou-me atirar ao último da série... Do irmão mais novo... ^_^

  • Gaby Franz
    2019-01-23 20:16

    Me gustó mucho pero fue muy corto. Unas paginas más no habrían venido mal y sobre todo un epílogo.Espero saber más de Cass y Devin en el siguiente libro.

  • Wendy
    2019-02-15 23:09

    Devin Mackade you are a gem!

  • thevintagechronicles
    2019-01-23 21:10

    reread. 5 stars.this has been a firm favorite from the first time I read it. cassie is so internally similar to myself. and my heart breaks for both her and Devin for the time they lose. Devin is so wonderful. don't let the awful cover, or slightly dated writing stop you from reading this series. it's one of the best I've ever read.

  •  Mary
    2019-02-12 22:22

    Sheriff Devin MacKade... el único MacKade que es paciente. Aunque su paciencia lo lleva a esperar doce años a la mujer que siempre amó. Cassie Connor vío en el matrimonio con Joe Doblin la vía de escape de su acartonada y fría familia, a los 17 años cree estar locamente enamorada y saber todo lo que es el amor y el matrimonio, tiene la esperanza de que su vida con Joe será perfecta; pero desde la noche de bodas comienzan los abusos físicos y mentales. Diez años después, sus dos hijos son la única alegría de Cassie y el motivo por el cual sigue vive. Como Sheriff, Devin se siente impotente al no poder hacer nada por la situación en que está Cassie, por más que hay personas que están dispuestas a ayudarla a ella y a sus hijos, Cassie tiene el autoestima destruida. Los hechos que la llevan a tomar la decisión final es la fatal golpiza que le da Joe luego de que pierde el trabajo y el intento de hacer eso y mucho más a Regan en el primer libro. Lo que me gusta de ésta historia es que en realidad viene desde el primer libro. En éste finalmente Cassie está tomando el control de su vida, administrando la posada que Rafe y Regan han construido en la casa Barlow, sus hijos vuelven a sonreír y Devin, como siempre, está presente. La diferencia es que ahora él decide hacer algo más que esperar, pero no sólo tiene que conquistar a Cassie sino también a sus dos hijos... especialmente Connor. Muy buena historia, de los tres leídos hasta ahora creo que esta es la mejor. Mucho drama y me encantó ver como Devin y Connor comienzan a establecer una relación luego de que Connor se da cuenta que no todos los hombres son iguales. Y las comparaciones y conexión de los personajes en el presente con los fantasmas del pasado fue perfecta ya que ellos también son una parte importante de la historia.

  • Estara
    2019-02-21 20:22

    This has one of my favourite heroes - and one of my favourite quiet heroines (although I usually prefer heroines with more direct gumption). Devin MacKade decided he wanted to take care of his hometown and he slowly but surely worked his way there, always aware of his and his brothers rough past and bad boy image. By the time the whole series starts he has been a small town police chief for years (I loved the amount of detail we got for that, not too much, not too little) - working with the system, even when he was frustrated with it: like the fact that he couldn't save the girl whom he had loved since she was 16 from her abusive husband until SHE made a move.Cassie got away from her husband and pressed charges and got a divorce in the first book (Regan, the heroine there, was threatened by Joe Dolin, too), so now she is the care-taker of the reclaimed inn that Jared McKade owns, she lives in an apartment there with her two children. I loved Devin's interaction with the kids from the first book on, Connor and Eliza are never plot moppets - and they ALWAYS come first when the chips are down, which actually leads to the biggest crisis between Devin and Cassie.The way patient Devin finally loses his cool occasionally, even though he always keeps her past experience in mind, once his feelings for Cassie are out in the open, the way Cassie starts owning her desires and realize there is dependable love if she can but grasp it - that's what makes this particular MacKade book a winner for me.

  • Cathy Ryan
    2019-01-31 19:35

    It was pretty obvious that Devin and Cassie were going to end up with each other at some point even though, after twelve years of just being her friend, Devin thought Cassie was lost to him but still, I loved the story. It has a little more depth and emotion due to the subject matter of domestic violence and abuse, especially as children are involved.Nora Roberts is so good at writing scenes that pull at the heart-strings and I love the way Devin gains the trust and love of Cassie’s children. After first meeting a very subdued and downtrodden Cassie in Rafe and Reagan’s story, she has made a lot of progress since her divorce and Joe Dolin’s imprisonment. Working and living at the B&B has been especially good for her and her still emotionally scarred children. All is not plain sailing though as Joe plots and plans even as he appears to be the model prisonerDevin and Cassie’s story mirrors that of Abigail Barlow and the man she loves but Cassie makes sure it doesn’t end the same way. And the sad story of the two Corporals from the Battle of Antietam continues to be woven through.

  • Kris - My Novelesque Life
    2019-02-16 22:22

    4 STARS"Devin MacKade knew it was his destiny to serve and protect the small town of Antietam, Maryland. And he always suspected his future should have little Cassie Connor in it. After Cassie married the wrong man, Devin tried to convince himself there would be other women, other loves. Now, after Cassie’ s divorce, Devin can finally follow his heart. But can Cassie follow hers?" (From Amazon)We are introduced to Devin and Cassie earlier in the series and can see the sparks between the two though Cassie is already married. Cassie's husband is not a nice man so you hope that Cassie will wake up and leave him. When she does finally get a divorce we root for Devin. I love these characters as they are realistic and heartwarming. I enjoy this series as we get to see characters grow and find love.

  • Saly
    2019-02-16 23:26

    I really enjoyed this, the hero Devin who is also the Sheriff has been in love with the heroine for years, he had to see her marry a bad guy who beat her and couldn't do anything because she never complained but now Cassie is finally free, re-constructing her life for herself and her children.She never had any support and went from a terrible home to a bad marriage and had no support to get out of it, but she is trying to change.Devin finally makes his move but Cassie is shy, it is good to see her re-gain her confidence and even discover her sexuality. Cassie's kids too were affected and there is that to deal with as well.

  • Makenzie
    2019-02-20 20:27

    Another good installment of this series. Good triumphs over evil, and hot guy finally gets a chance at the girl he's pined over for more than a decade. It was a cute story, and I loved Devin's interactions with the kids, but I swear that man has more mood swings than a menopausal woman! That was the only thing that irked me. He was sweet and patient one day and then furious and throwing in the towel the next. But overall....a sweet story. And a good lead up to Shane's story!

  • Pam
    2019-02-03 21:30

    The Heart of Devin MacKade is by Nora Roberts. It is the third book in the four book series. Devin has known he wanted to be the sheriff and serve the community of Antietam, Maryland. Now he has finally gotten his wish and is the sheriff. He knew he wanted to live his life with Cassie Connor; but he missed his chance and she married another. Cassie has returned home to find herself. She has no intention of finding another husband. What is she going to do about Devin MacKade now?

  • Romée Wanders
    2019-01-31 21:23

    WHIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE DEVIN EN CASSIEEEEJAJAJADeze shit was niceDevin is zo nice voor Cassie en het is gewoon zulke goede shit ;cEn ze is zo adorable en het is precies wat ik verwachtte maar nicer En eerder was ik zeer ongeïnteresseerd in Shane, maar nu wil ik hem zien zwijmelen over een vrouw en hem zien zwichten MWUHAHAHAHAEN Devin en Cassie baby's, ik wil ze.

  • Tyna
    2019-01-29 01:17

    Recenzia mea aici:

  • Mareli
    2019-01-28 21:09

    Another good one. True to be told I was expecting something more, something more dramatic to close the horrible marriage the heroine felt conpelled to have vey young. But the story is sweet and you'll have to love another Mackade brother getting a family. On with the last one!

  • Janet
    2019-02-16 20:16

    More like a 2 1/2 stars but still, it showed the limitations of the Silhouette formula. Sweet steady hero, abused woman who he has loved forever ... predictable but still a good read. I think I liked Shane's book the best. Still felt a tad formulaic.

  • Aurelia Rowl
    2019-02-06 19:10

    4.5 starsThis one rates slightly higher than the previous two on account of making my heart pound for a variety of reasons.My only issue with the series so far is the similarities to the Inn Boonsboro trilogy. Now onto book 4.

  • ♥ Nell ♥
    2019-02-02 19:17

    Loved Devin and Cassie. But I especially loved Connor and Emma!